S4E17 – Tubscores

This weeks episode ushers back the area of AirWreckRadio. We at AirWreckRadio.com love nothing more than this podcast and the growth that it brings; both in the show and in our lives. The Model Citizen Project (TMCP) was a child of that urge to evolve and though we will be moving away from the TMCP format we are happy to have had a chance to experiment with it. AirWreckRadio would like to thank all our loyal listeners and supporters who have been with is through this time of change and growth.

This weeks episode of AirWreckRadio starts of with the boys talking X-MEN, Captain America: Civil War and the MCU. Then onto some politics covering the presidential election briefly. On to HEADLINE NEWS! and some talk about Puerto Rico and the Stacey’s favorite, Big Banks.