AirWreckRadio 128 – The Filthy Fifteen

This week on AirWreckRadio, be sure to stick round till the end, when Stacey’s mic falls off the table. Until then, Cory Kicks things off with an inspirational message that’s been making the rounds on “the line.” From there it’s into the news: How should smart cars deal with unavoidable deadly situations? Who’s on first in the Presidential race? A little Henrietta politics as Micheal Yudelson is back to challenge Jack Moore for the position of Town Supervisor. Military recruiting is facing hard times, we speculate on why that may be. A South Carolina man is facing charges after nearly 10,000 guns were removed from his home. Big Beer may be getting Bigger, and The Filthy Fifteen, a list of songs Tipper Gore wanted banned for their content. Our closer is one of these songs! (It’s Cindy Loper). and Smart enough to save lives while driving cars… maybe.