AirWreckRadio 085 – Wrecksmas of Evil

It’s time again for the Wrecksmas special on AirWreckRadio and this years theme is EVIL! Cory and Stacey start the show talking about a blog Stacey wrote that is getting a little bit of attention. In response to social commentary over the recent execution of  two New York City police officers Stacey’s blog breaks down the war on drugs and Ronald “The Gipper” Reagan, all in wake of police brutality protests. Then the boys address the country’s new relationship with the once “evil” island nation of Cuba. In the headlines the F.B.I confirmed North Korea’s influence in the recent Sony hacks, and the government vows “proportionate” response. Then to lighten the mood, a clip of Dr. Evil schooling North Korea and Sony, Orangutans are “non-human people” and an included interview with Dan Beers author of “The Last House”.

Joyful Chrismakwanzika from AirWreckRadio!,,, #iTunes, #SiticherRadio

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