AirWreckRadio 067 – Guaranteed to Satis-Fry

This week the boys go to Mel’s Clam Bake and share their drunken adventure. In the news this week, Stacey shares his experience with the Wolf PAC then slips into a tangent about the terrific amount of money New Yorkers are forced to spend on car insurance. The boys spend a while on that before moving into a more relaxed subject: Ferguson, Missouri! Soon they’re back at it again when it’s suggested that National Guardsmen shouldn’t dress like an invading army. After this, the boys make another attempt to lighten the mood buy switching to immigration reform. From there, it’s a new type of opiate, and the fairwell to Burger King’s “Satis-Fries.” After the show is an interview with one of the bands from the Clam Bake, “Free Beer!” and #iTunes #StitcherRadio

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