AirWreckRadio 052 – Slaying the Mosquito

This Week on AirWreckRadio the boys are celebrating their 1 year episode! That’s right, they’ve done this 52 times! In the first break, Cory becomes stumped when Stacey asks, “What was your favorite story this year?” Not to be kept down, the boys plug right and discuss some of their favorites. Stacey announces his new show, Something to Talk About, which will be available later this week. In the News this week, Cory kicks us off with a story about the U.S. District Attorney telling us that it’s all going to be OK, and that no corporation is “too big to jail.” Next, Stacey livens up the room with a story about the 45 minute execution of all-around-bad-guy, Clayton Locket. From There it’s on to Nigeria, Where they apparently have a President named Goodluck Johnathan. Last up for this show the boys go home to Rochester to rant a little about Major Lovely Warren, as well as the Fast Ferry Flop from several years ago! Sprinkle in some scattered talk about freedoms and a song by Uncle Fran’s band, and you’ve got a show worthy of! At, our motto is simple: If you can’t make a great show, neither can we! and #iTunes #StitcherRadio

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