AirWreckRadio 042 – Fuax Polio

This week the AirWreck, the boys are gonna fill your head with all sorts of useless drivel! They get things rolling with a delightful chat about the blind patriotism that auto-manufacturer, Dodge, has has been beating your TV screens with, then move smoothly into a story found on about Facbook’s new purchase of WhatsApp for $19 Billion. After that its HeadLine News and stories about a new Polio-like sickness, financial reforms in the Vatican, Girl Scout Cookies and dispensaries, and much more. Also in this episode Stacey teaches us the origin of the use of the word “marathon,” as well as the saying, “When it rains, it pours.” Don’t forget to come see us, and all the other ROCPodcasters March 28th, and 29th at the Record Archive for PodFest!!! WreckOn, MoFos! and #iTunes #StitcherRadio

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