AirWreckRadio 035 – For The Survivors

This week on AirWreck, ITS COLD-MAGEDDON!!!! And possibly our final broadcast to the survivors of the great “Polar Vortex” of 2014! So Like any great survival story we spend a fair amount of time with an unofficial and recurring “on-the-pod” that covers a “request” from the boys over at Mental Overload Show and Cory’s new show entitled “A_Podcast”. Also we also wax on about Ross and Heather from Sounds of Tomorrow and hear a word from the guys on The Lost Cosmonauts. Then into some tasty “Headline News” including but not limited to “If a Plane crash in Colorado and celebrities see it” , “Choosey car makers choose Android” , ” Medical marijuana in NY” and “Statistics say that party pooin’ saves lives”. Plus a special announcement , AirWreckRadio is going rocking with Revolution Theory!
January 24th 2014 @ Nashvilles Tavern; 4853 W. Henrietta Rd. and

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