AirWreckRadio 034 – A Year of Unicorn Piss

This week on AirWreck, The boys say so long to 2013 and usher in 2014 with everyone’s favorite…more lists! We start the year in WreckView with some of the interesting science and technology breakthroughs from the year including “Voyagers Long Voyage” , “Geminoid the Japanese girl bot (they made a boy too)” , “The Keppler Learns us some Sister Planets” , “The Deka Arm” and more. Then after a quick word from our friends at we getback into the WreckView with Newsy News from 2013 like “Unreasonably, reasonable gun laws” , “George “the model of restraint” Zimmerman” , “Bye , Bye DOMA: The Musical” , ” Pope Rock Star The First” and many more! Thank you all for listening! and

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