AirWreckRadio 033 – Like a Tigger on Aderol

This week on AirWreck, Tami joins the boys to wish a Happy WrecksMas to all. If you like Christmas, and you want to know why, then this week we have a show for you! That’s right Cory and Stacey are going to break down the post-industrial, capitalist holiday you all know, and some of you love. From the origin of Black Friday all the way to the progression of Odin to Santa Claus, this episode is going to be full of stuff you didn’t know! We also hit some headlines like “Dragons exists” , “Man Pills Pop Up” , “B-52’s Blues” , “Supreme Leader no trust Uncle”, and “Pope Superstar the I”. All this and some more insightful banter on this our WrecksMas Party!
This Episode featured “This Jest Breaking” by Brian McBride. You can find “This Just Breaking” and many more great podcasts on and

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