AirWreckRadio 030- Giving You The Chaffe

This week on AirWreck the boys start the show in a familiar way, by begging the WreckHead’s forgiveness for a technical error that transported us backward in time to 1970’s AM talk radio. We get our podcast motors turnin’ talking about the winner of our “Lost Audio Contest”, Back Friday hijinks like stabbings and money showers, and maybe a cook book? Then onto headlines about Ron Burgundy, Amazon Drones, Internet Taxation, Rich Chinese Babies, and American B-52 Flyovers. Then in wake of our discussion about the Kennedy Assassination, Stacey brings his own simulated conspiracy to the table. All this and more on AirWreckRadio! AirWreckRadio: Always good for a chaffin’ Music By : Clockmen, Malice in Thunderland, The Band of Brothers, Wasted Desire, and Young Bloods and and

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