AirWreckRadio 020 – ROCPodcasts Gets Wrecked

This week on AirWreck, the boys make a new friend! Owner of Vinnie Paulino stopped by the Hideaway Brewery Studios to tell us about his stand up, podcasts, and his podcast Network. Plus the boys make a special announcement! I wonder what that could be… Then we are up to our old tricks with some fun headlines likes “Stealing Goats with Duct Tape”, “Free Joints for Volunteers”, “Viagra Over Dose Leads to Injury”, and “iPhone 5S Nipple Security”. We also discuss some terrible parents before a serious discussion on “Obama Care” which of course causes Cory to piss Stacey off. All This and more only on AirWreckRadio! AirWreckRadio: We just want to be loved and

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