AirWreckRadio 009 – AirWrecked in Tattoo Land

This week on AirWreckRadio the boys discuss journalists and television personalities who don’t learn. They also take the opportunity to make their own comparisons between bombshell, Maria Sharapova and frag-grenade, Marion Bartoli. Then the boys get serious as a discussion about failed gun-tracing program, “Operation Fast & Furious” nearly turns into an on-air dual suicide as the boys realize the Obama administration is becoming undefendable. Big Hauss & Crazy Dave came in this week to talk about Unconquerable Souls Tattoo. Music from: MC Frontalot, Clockmen, Aside, The Band of Brothers, and Miley Cyrus?? AirWreckRadio: The Most Dependable, Longest Lasting Battery On The Planet!


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