AirWreckRadio 008 – Clockmen meet the Banter-men

This week on AirWreckRadio, the boys catch up on some over do banter before they get heavy on the current events. Cory and Stacey weigh in on the George Zimmerman trial, Aaron Hernandez, and the New England Patriots picking up “Jesus-loving disappointment legend Tim Tebow”. In studio this week are “Clockmen” and original punk rock band out of Rochester, NY. We discuss their music and ambitious new project before we discover these guys like delightful banter too! This weeks episode also featured music from nerd-core rapper MC Frontalot, Revolution Theory and Aside. Check us out next week for more current events including Paula Deen and D.O.M.A, we also have Crazy Dave And Hauss Dacko of Unconquerable Souls Tattoo coming in studio. All this and more! Only on AirWreckRadio!

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